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Founder’s Associate


€50,000 - €65,000

Berlin, Germany


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Benefits & perks

Kombo was started in the Summer of 2022 when we were accepted into Y-Combinator and rapidly grew from just 4 founders to a team of 15, 150+ customers, and 1m+ in revenue in under 12 months after founding. We’re now a team of 20, growing faster than ever both in terms of revenue and team size.

We serve well-known companies such as, Moss, HeyJobs, Spendesk, and FreeNow and have positioned ourselves as the leading European provider for HR Tech integrations. In addition, our backers include Y Combinator, 468 Capital, and stellar Angels such as founders of Paul Forster (Indeed), Sultan Saidov (Beamery), Jean Deniz Greze (Plaid), Carsten Thoma (Celonis).

With new challenges rapidly arising (we're looking to 3x our team and revenue this year!), you're assured of growth and progress. In addition, we offer:

👉 Competitive Salaries

👉 Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP). You’re a part of our company’s future success.

👉 Quarterly company off-sites and monthly team events. We spend time together in person to strengthen our team.

👉 Health benefits: a subsidized EGYM subscription

👉 Travel budget: a subsidized Deutschlandticket

👉 Access to world-class mentors and advisors (we are a young team and we hedge that by consistently learning from the best)

About the role

You will be the best of us when it comes to operationalizing our systems and processes to help us scale to 10M ARR. The ideal candidate has relevant structured-learning experience (e.g., top consulting or IB), early-stage start-ups (breaking down unstructured problems and solving them in a structured manner), and wants to become excellent at company-building (being in the middle of the action).

You will report to Alex, our CEO and work closely with the product, GTM, and operations teams.

If you are passionate about company-building, enjoy breaking down unstructured challenges, and value being part of an excellent team that empowers you to grow, we think you'll love this job!

Key responsibilities
  • Swiss knife to the founder and team – whether it’s setting up our financial reports, dunning process, or organizing the next offsite – no task is above or below you. You enjoy being in the middle of the action and stepping in as needed.

  • Set up and own several operational processes (in GTM, finance, product, etc.)

  • Cross-functional collaboration: work closely with department leads to drive alignment or jump into a specific department for a longer time when needed.

  • Grow into a operations/finance role where you own setting up company OKRs, financial structures in the company, etc.

  • The exact projects you will work on are hard to forecast and will highly depend on needs evolving from the phase Kombo is in, as well as hugely on your interests and the skill set you already bring along.

Desired skills, experience and attributes
  • You have previous relevant experience in fast-pacing environments (top tier consulting, investment banking, and high-growth start-ups).

  • You are an entrepreneurial problem solver. You strive to take ownership of the tasks you get and apply your analytical skills, structured thinking, and independent working style towards solving them.

  • You cope well with frequent change and ambiguity. Changing tasks & requirements excite you. You are able to think logically, break down complex problems into bite-sized steps, and prioritize between multiple tasks on your table.

  • You have a hands-on mentality. You default into action, want to gather first learnings fast, and iterate on the progress along the way.

  • You have excellent communication skills in both English and German – you will drive alignment across teams at Kombo.

  • You are looking for the highest learning opportunity in your next job and are comfortable with a fast-paced, high-growth environment. You also enjoy working with other people from the office.


  • Technical skills and an understanding of software development, including experience with APIs, cloud-based solutions, and different programming languages (e.g., you did a bootcamp or like learning about technical products).

About us

Our Story

The founding team met at university and worked together through two companies in the API space before joining Y-Combinator in 2022 to build Kombo. Their interest in the future-of-work space came from their deep technical knowledge – all of the four founders had a software engineering background prior to starting Kombo – paired with the gap they observed in the market. Legacy tools could not solve modern B2B integration problems, and existing players were not focused enough on an industry to gain depth in expertise and problem-solving for HR, payroll, and ATS data.

Fast forward to now – we're a team of 20+ working with companies of all sizes – from Fortune-500 companies down to early-stage startups – to help them integrate dozens of software vendors within days instead of months. Instead of having to get their hands on a sandbox environment, build the integration code, and figure out the edge cases dozens of times, they can use a well-documented and clean abstraction provided by Kombo once.

We grew from 0 to 2M in ARR within 18 months, and we are serving over 200 software companies using us across thousands of employers globally.

We are looking for new team members to help us grow and scale through the next phase. Let's work together.

Our culture

We’re an ambitious and fun bunch of individuals dedicated to creating a product our customers will use and love.

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